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KAZITE is the first coliving and coworking community in Taishan;

There are freelancers, innovator, digital nomads, students and anyone looking for a great work and leisure balance;

Here is formed by like-minded people sharing living and working space, full of endless ideas and fun.


Live somewhere you'll be excited to call home


Regular events and amazing shared spaces


lets you focus on the things that really matter


打破传统! 以更先进的方式完成工作和学习,与其他领域专业人士交流分享心得,感受这种独特的社交体验。


Rules have changed. Working and learning are now done in unconventional ways. Live and share with other professionals a unique social experience where you live and work together under the same roof.

Our home offers you and up to twenty other professionals the perfect vibe to rest, work and have fun, taishan is a mountain of historical and cultural significance, and is one of the best living climates in china. A place to enjoy a real work-leisure balance.

  • Live in a 21th century 2-floor house
  • Private or shared rooms
  • Dream kitchen
  • Over 100 sq meters of common areas
  • BBQ terrace / chill out patio
  • Cleaning service
  • Communal supplies
  • Free organic coffee and fruit




Here is more than providing comfortable workspaces. An office is not a desk and internet anymore.

We offer you a community of forward thinking location independent workers. A place to share knowledge and learn new skills. Be more productive and focus under the sun in a relaxed and creative environment.

  • Up to 10 workspaces with 24/7 access
  • 50 mbps/50 mbps internet fiber connection
  • Comfortable coworking space
  • Regular events and meetups
  • Printer, projector and LCD screens
  • Chill out patio
  • 4G SIM card at your arrival




We believe life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. Coliving means connecting and meeting local and international people from all around the world. People with different skills, different cultures and different life experiences.
Share a beer or your business idea. Make friends and make connections. Learn a language or a craft. KAZITE is made by people like you.

  • International network of professionals
  • Like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Weekly plan with social and professional activities
  • Mastermind and skill sharing sessions every week
  • Bike, tent and PC rental
  • Two local hosts devoted to you
  • Tons of fun

A real co-living experience.

All under one roof.

Our Farm

TOKYO ディープ


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Voldemort Origins of the Heir 伏地魔的诞生

Voldemort Origins of the Heir 伏地魔的诞生 我们的坚持来自您的支持 1 ♡ 感恩

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文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 人生如戏 戏如人生 【番組内容…

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肉が焼ける 烧烤之魂『世界首部烤肉电影』

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 炭火才是烧烤之魂 拥有20+年…

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Source Code「源代码」

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 你,我,世界皆来自信息的映射 …

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Begin Again

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa ◎译  名 歌声改变人生/一切…

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Blade Runner 银翼杀手 1982&2007&2017年

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 我是谁?我从哪里来?我要去往何…

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现场 Amuse Fes 2014 BBQ in つま恋 ~僕らのビートを喰らえコ B.B. King &#8…

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爵士 Baby Jazz Project – おやすみJAZZ Bar Jazz Best Jaz…

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A Page of My Story

转码一首试听,公社源版收藏,欢迎来咖滋特现场赏听。 商品の説明 メディア掲載レビューほか 2017年夏TVアニ…

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Bill Evans Trio – Waltz for Debby

我们的坚持来自您的支持 14 ♡ 感恩

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Wind Music 風潮音樂 全集收藏

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 感谢社员的分享!风潮音乐已全部…

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Jazztronik – Inner Flight

我们的坚持来自您的支持 1 ♡ 感恩

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AC/DC创始人Malcolm Young逝世

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa AC/DC乐队在官网宣布,64…

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Blade Runner Black Out 2022 银翼杀手 前传动画

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 经典科幻电影“银翼杀手”的续篇…

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文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa INTRODUCTION|イン…

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『メイドインアビス』「MADE IN ABYSS」来自深渊

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 源版动漫已收录入咖滋特共享公社…

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文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 一家咖啡馆,偶然相遇的七位男女…

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日本を代表するホラー漫画家 伊藤潤二の作品が初のTVアニメ化。 殺しても決して死なず、その美貌で男たちを恐怖に…

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少女終末旅行 我们的坚持来自您的支持 2 ♡ 感恩

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Sword World 收藏记录

一、前言 记得上海的电视台第一次放OVA版的罗德斯岛战记时还是在我小学的时候,那时候的每周广播电视报会将每天的…

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Grim Fandango Remastered

关于这款游戏 Something’s rotten in the land of the dead…

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公社内部千兆网络,显卡AMD CrossFire和NVIDIA SLI+独立PhysX 逐年升级,相应其他配置…

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Stranger Things 怪奇物语手游

文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 咖滋特共享公社为您提供最新版本…

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模拟 Arcade for PC Games Collection Trouble Witches Tetri…

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Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER

关于这款游戏: Resident Evil 0 揭示促使整个Resident Evil系列发生的事件--Man…

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First Look at Nintendo Labo

First Look at Nintendo Labo 我们的坚持来自您的支持 4 ♡ 感恩

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镜头伸到了男主的嘴里 出现了一个肉球,我心想,这啥玩意啊 然后这肉球抬头了。。。。。。 话说这算不算寂静岭梗 …

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在安装OFFICE时,如选择不安装共享功能, 打开WORD时就会出现 “你正在试图运行的函数包含有宏或需要宏语…

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我们的坚持来自您的支持 0 ♡ 感恩

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文字:大掌柜 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 以下言论仅代表个人观点,咖滋…

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GameShell 模块化迷你掌上电脑

像积木一样自由组装 ▲GameShell是台ARM构架的迷你手持式电脑,很适合作为游戏主机。 GameShel…

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FL Studio 20 将预示着二十周年发布

你非常喜爱的 FL Studio 不会有 13 了,如果按照之前版本 12 之后应该是 13,不过现在 12 …

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QuickTime 注册专业版 与 CPU占用率100%解决

注册PRO版本: 选择菜单Edit->Preferences->Register Reg Name : Daw…

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国外几十G的网盘都是天价,国内十几T的网盘免费送,虚假的网盘空间,好面子的国人。 前段时间在使用国内网盘时,突…

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我们的坚持来自您的支持 5 ♡ 感恩

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我们的坚持来自您的支持 8 ♡ 感恩

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Cities Below Future Seas

我们的坚持来自您的支持 2 ♡ 感恩

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METI 计划正式启动


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Pornhub 十周年庆

羞羞哒十周年啦 Pornhub Celebrating 10 Years Pornhub 电子混音「点我」,史…

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文字:中天 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 感恩Seafood 赞叹Sea…

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Pornhub 电子混音

官方简介: Pornhub Toys 隆重推荐由 Perlita 创作的“Sex Instruments”。这…

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我们的坚持来自您的支持 10 ♡ 感恩

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文字:亮咖 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 首先我要去反省,自己真的是太糟…

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文字:如梦 影像:takehara AKI. 审核:影墨 总编:Vanessa 哈哈哈哈先让我笑一下,而且还很…

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Ready to book?

Private rooms from 100 cny/day
Shared rooms from 50 cny/day


咖滋特共享公社六周年啦! 因为有你所以温暖无限! 与你同行所以倍感珍惜! 感恩,新年快乐每一天! &#8211…

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老咖们都累了,真的,我们需要你,新咖,来点最原始的刺激! 对公社未来发展有新的建议,预在泰山创造一番事业的朋友…

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愿甜蜜伴你走过每一天! 愿温馨随你度过每一时! 愿平安同你走过每一分! 愿快乐和你度过每一秒! 愿新年里天天有…

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